Professional Liability Insurance Companies in Columbus, NJ

Professional Liability Insurance Companies

Professional Liability Insurance Companies

Fullerton Financial Services, Inc. is your convenient choice for professional liability insurance companies in Columbus, NJ. Our office is right here in town, and we are independent insurance brokers that shop for the best coverage and rates for you and for your business. We’ve been serving businesses and individuals with their insurance needs for over 20 years, and we’ve built a strong reputation for helping business owners save money on the coverage they require.

There are many types of professional risks that businesses face, especially when their goal is to provide services instead of products. Every business makes mistakes, but these mistakes can be costly to clients, and ultimately could result in legal action.

In our industry, professional liability insurance is termed E&O, or Errors and Omissions Insurance. Businesses that require professional liability insurance cover a wide range of fields, including law, accounting, business consulting, technology development, non-profits and much more.

As an example, imagine that an advertising agency has a deadline to meet to deliver brochures to a client, and for reasons out of their control, they fail to meet the deadline. The result may be more than just lost business. The client can hold the agency liable and sue for restitution, resulting in costly settlements and legal fees.

Let the team at Fullerton Financial help you decide on the professional liability coverage that you need. We’ll help you ensure that you’re properly covered for E&O, based on your type of business, your location, and claims you’ve paid in the past. We shop only from the top carriers to find you the best rate, and we’ll secure peace of mind for you and your company.

Find out why Fullerton Financial is the established choice in professional liability insurance companies in Columbus, NJ. Call us today or click here to request a quote. We’ll find coverage for you that meets your needs and budget.