South Jersey Commercial Property Insurance

South Jersey Commercial Property Insurance
Commercial properties require comprehensive coverage that addresses the physical structure as well as other operational aspects of the property. It doesn’t matter if you own the building or if you rent from a landlord. In almost all cases it is required that you have your own policy.

Property insurance is just one part of an overall risk management and disaster recovery plan for your business. A proper risk management plan can help to reduce the frequency of insurance claims. This is crucial because businesses with few or no claims are able to find coverage more easily and often at a lower price than companies that have more losses.

nj-commercial-property-insuranceCommercial Property Insurance Coverages

  • Physical Structure
  • Product and Inventory
  • Equipment and Machinery
  • Outdoor Signage
  • Fences and Landscaping
  • Parking Areas and Private Roads
  • Electrical Surge Coverages
  • Fire and Water Coverages